Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown

Chelsea Brown

Welcome Chelsea Brown!
Chelsea is an aspiring author. She is absorbing all the knowledge she can that revolves around writing and the publishing industry, and working on her latest project.

K.J. ~~ What are you working on right now?
CHELSEA ~~ I am currently in the midst of a first draft for a Young Adult novel titled Dreamer. The novel revolves around a girl who’s on the brink of adulthood, and is doing everything she can to create a better life/future for herself, through the route of a college acceptance letter. While, at the same time, trying to survive the rest of the year living with her parents; who both suffer from drug addictions.

K.J. ~~ Where did your inspiration for this book come from?
CHELSEA ~~ I think I had multiple inspirations for this book. The first came from a pile of setbacks with another book that I was working on. The second came from the passing on of my grandmother earlier this year. The third I think being that Dreamer was something new and different than any other story I’ve written in the past. I’ve also had my own personal experiences; where I’ve encountered or have known different people, who have had their own struggles with addiction. So it was the combination of those different instances that have inspired me for this book.

K.J. ~~ You have a blog where you chronicle your writing path (The Jenny Mac Book Blog). What was your inspiration for starting this blog and how has it helped you through your writing process?
CHELSEA ~~ In the beginning I used the blog as more of a platform for my books and to help me build up an audience; however through the years it’s become more than just a platform. It’s become a place of learning, inspiration, and discovery for me. Therefore having the blog at this time in my life has not only bettered my writing process, but it’s also helped me find my voice as a writer.

K.J. ~~ Do you have strategies for getting past those days that are hard to write?
CHELSEA ~~ I usually just grit my teeth and push through it but, if I’m still feeling drained and not up for another day of writing, coffee will do in a pinch.

K.J. ~~What books or authors have influenced you the most and why?
CHELSEA ~~ The Harry Potter series, Holes, and The Casual Vacancy have been the most influential for me. I started writing at an early age, and when I was a child Harry Potter and Holes just blew me away. It literally reached a point where I said “I want to create stories like that.” So shortly after reading Holes I picked up a pen. The Casual Vacancy is a huge influence for me right now because it inspires me as I work on Dreamer.

K.J. ~~What are your favorite books that you have read simply for pleasure?
CHELSEA ~~ Inherit the Wind, Dear John, and Harry Potter.

K.J. ~~ If you took a two-week vacation in any book or story, where would you go and who would you be?
CHELSEA ~~ Okay the child in me is coming out. If I were to vacation in a book for two weeks it would have to be the Harry Potter series and the character I would be is Harry. I love the first book especially when Harry discovers this magical world that he’s apart of, and I would want to explore Diagon Alley so that I could take in all of the magic.
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