The Magicians

The Magicians by, Lev Grossman ★★★★☆ The Magicians is a book not for everyone. Quentin, our main character, is magical, and missing something in his life. If he could only get to Fillory (a magical place found in his favorite books, and a very grown up version of Narnia) then everything will be OK. He […]

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The Potter Books? Read.

Harry Potter, Books 1-7 ★★★★☆ In 1997 J.K. Rowling published the first Harry Potter book that opened her world, and our’s, to things so magically wonderful. Over the course of seven books, eight movies, action figures, and theme park rides, the Harry Potter franchise has touched every corner of the world. In 1997 my daughter […]

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Chelsea Brown

Welcome Chelsea Brown! Chelsea is an aspiring author. She is absorbing all the knowledge she can that revolves around writing and the publishing industry, and working on her latest project. K.J. ~~ What are you working on right now? CHELSEA ~~ I am currently in the midst of a first draft for a Young Adult […]

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