Blood on the Tracks & Dead Stop; Book Review

       I just finished the second of a three book series by award winning author Barbara Nickless. Blood on the Tracks and Dead Stop will set your heart pounding. Special Agent Sydney Rose Parnell is a railroad cop facing grizzly crimes, while fighting an internal battle from her stint as a mortuary specialist in Iraq. […]

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Star Struck

On May 15th, 2017, Margo Catts launched her debut novel, Among the Lesser Gods. Normally I would be writing a review of her book – which I will be doing soon – but today I am writing about my experience of being “Star Struck”. I have always felt that every human is just a person […]

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Chelsea Brown

Welcome Chelsea Brown! Chelsea is an aspiring author. She is absorbing all the knowledge she can that revolves around writing and the publishing industry, and working on her latest project. K.J. ~~ What are you working on right now? CHELSEA ~~ I am currently in the midst of a first draft for a Young Adult […]

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