“Bits and Pieces for Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow.”

Take a little bit of this, a pinch of that, mix it well and let it marinade for a day or two. That is what this blog is about; taking a little bit of writing knowledge, a pinch of an idea and letting it all stew about until, in the end, a story is made. In this blog I have taken a little bit of my writing, the writing of fellow authors, along with book reviews, and created a blog that has a little bit of something for everyone.

~~~Author Interviews~~~

I love talking with other authors about their work and who they are. As a young reader I was curious about the person behind the pages. Were they magicians in a castle waving a wand with streams of words flowing from it? Do they hide in a dark rooms surrounded by mountainous stacks of books as they toiled at a monstrous typewriter? Do their eyes bulge with each new found verse? What sort of madmen are behind the crafting of a book, story, or poem? Let’s get together with a few authors and find out.

~~~Book Reviews~~~

Reviews are my personal pondering about a story.  I write reviews based on my own thoughts as to how the book or story struck me. I might pick your book apart, throw it away, or read it in a single sitting and beg you to send me the next installment. I welcome requests for a review, but be aware (or beware) that I write what I feel and I do not guarantee a pretty picture. If you would like me to review a piece for you, please send it to: kjscrim(at)yahoo(dot)com. (The obligatory disclaimer: The content of a review is a personal statement and does not represent the views of this blog, or anyone associated with it. Any review that is deemed inappropriate will be removed if reasonable cause is presented in writing. As a reviewer I might find a little bad buried in a ton of good, but I also do not go out of my way to slander anyone’s work. I make every attempt to find some good that is always there.) 


Thanks for stopping in at my “ABOUT” page.

Things change frequently around here so be sure to pop in on a regular basis.


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