A New Look

There are times when you have to open your closet and take a look at your wardrobe. You know what it’s like. When your closet bulges with outdated blouses that should have been retired with your patchwork bellbottoms. How about your great-grandmother’s fur coat that smells like an old shoe? That time arrived for me today, and the wardrobe I was looking at was my website. I haven’t done any major work on my site for over 4 years so I spent the day doing a little bit of revamping, and reconstructing.

I am not a graphic designer, nor a webpage designer. My budget doesn’t allow me to hire a professional so I hit the DIY easy button. Well, it wasn’t overly easy. Most of my time was spent trying to figure out how to work through WordPress’ templates and customizations.

More work is still in store, but for now, I hope you like my new wordrobe…no, wait…wardrobe…HA!…website!

In the end, I think it came out pretty nice.

What do you think?

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