Hello Facebook

It was inevitable. The day has come that I finally got with the program and set up an author Page on Facebook. I have heard for months (okay, I’ve known forever) that as a professional person one should have all the social media that they can get. I have researched all the hidie-holes for information and, in case you’re wondering, there is more than one website dedicated to social media and how it can promote your profession (go figure!).

I did a quick search on Google “Why a Facebook Page?” (in quotations) and the results were robust….1,070,000 pages/links/hidie-holes showed up for me to browse and learn. It was surprising the number one page that came up was: 3 Reasons Why a Facebook Page Can’t Replace an Author Website

Wait….what? I’m looking for reason TO have a Page. After all, I’m an author and I am told I should have a Page. I must have a Page! There are millions of Fans climbing over one another ripping through cyberspace just so they can Like My Page. Fear not my curious reader. Jane Friedman gives some very sound advice for authors, or anyone in a professional career, a number of reasons not to put all your vowels into a single basket. Her number one point that I took away? Social Media is in a constant state of flux. What you set up today could be obsolete tomorrow. Proceed with caution.

Scanning down the list of Google’s choices for researching this vast subject I came across a blogger who supports the need for a Page and why. Why a Facebook Page for business or blog is necessary This post is very business oriented. Yet, there is some very useful information for the creative mind. Wading through the SEO’s, Branding’s, and Analytic’s can be a little treacherous, so take the time to get an idea of how it can help.  Even though you may be a painter, a writer, or a sculptor, all the techno-babble does apply to you and the art you are promoting. Facebook can help.

After weighing my vowels against my consonants I decided that a Page was for me. It is dedicated to those who have an interest in the things that life throws out into the cosmos inspiring creativity, along with those funny quips and foibles keeping the creative mind nurtured. Follow this LINK to my PAGE and choose to LIKE it and FOLLOW it and all those other things that need to be done to stay in touch. Thank you.

P.S. I can also be found on Twitter. (Yep, that one’s still a mystery to me, but I do tweet every now and again). @kjscrim

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